Stephanie Reit

I grew up on Long Island, where I played in the woods, summered at the shore and visited the many family farms that were still thriving. 

Some years ago, returning "home," I bought a house on the east end of Long Island. I was again enchanted by the familiar and magnificent landscapes. They ignited my passion to paint the ever-changing sky, the dazzling light and the panoramic views. 

The barns of the Hamptons inspired my early paintings. Their massive forms monopolized the canvas, producing feelings of solidity, density and weight. In time, I began to abstract these structures, maintaining enough form and information to satisfy the viewer's need to identify with the image. 

My latest series “Vanishing Points: The Silent Plough,” attempts to capture the disappearing landscapes of my childhood, by using broad brushwork and a limited
color palette. 

In The East Hampton Star, July 10, 2008, Elise D'Haene wrote, "Ms Reit's paintings are composites formed in her imagination---ghostly barns that meld into the atmosphere, evoking the emptiness and isolation of formerly vibrant farms"