Jennifer Sugarman “Dear Santa, Love Becky”, 11 x 14 , a love letter for $1000

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Letter to Santa --

I know you mustn’t rush. We’ve fucked one time, I remember. I remember meeting you before you moved to New York and… I continue to think about our first awkward hug. You touched my body during quarantine and I wanted to move. “Goodbye” and you moved. We’ve had two dates. The second was a lovely date, after eating dinner outside: fish? Your room @ the Scholars Building (Upper East Side). & I could just shove my iphone up my pussy if you’d text me back (I could feel you again). I think about you touching my thighs, spine and yeah. Let me ride Santa’s lap, spank me for the stuff I did. Every nerve in my body I give to you, Harvard Neuroscientist.

With <3 ,

xJennifer Sugarman

Jennifer Sugarman: Dear Santa, Love Becky


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