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karyn mannix contemporary  takes on a new art adventure with a pop-up art show at The White Room Gallery, 2415 Mains Street, Bridgehampton, NY.


Pop Art dates back to the early 1950’s with brash, bold colors,  blurring the line between art & design.  

It signaled a radical change of our culture as a whole, parlaying in to a multiple of art movements  including  Contemporary, Neo-Pop , Graffiti,  and the latest hot movement  Street (or Urban) Art . A new generation of artists took to printmaking, and making of multiples, with enthusiasm mimicking the clean aesthetics of Pop Art.


NeoPop 2  (squared)  artists adapt from its forefathers, bringing in a variety of techniques,

recognizable objects and celebrities from popular culture with icons and symbols of the present times.

A Modern Show for these Modern Times.


The first show kmc will bring to the White Room will be  Neo Pop2 (squared) which will feature three groundbreaking contemporary artists, Sean Sullivan aka Layercake,  Angela China aka Gum Shoe,

and John Stango.

*The White Room Gallery will feature works by Laura Benjamin & Jason Poremba.

Sean Sullivan aka Layercake

 I didn't look up to athletes or movie stars growing up. I didn't fantasize about being an astronaut or a doctor. I didn't want to live in a house in the woods riding my bike. I fantasized scaling gates to paint the tunnels. I looked up to guys like Tracy 168 and Futura. I wanted to live under the train tracks that showed me every morning the beautiful layups and master pieces painted on the sides of the 4 train. I didn't live a typical life in NYC. I've had the best of both worlds. I've been shot, ran over by cabbies, had the Feds investigate me, had dinners with mayors, been to private schools with the rich and famous, and public school with the forgotten. I've wondered the streets of the grimmest parts and broke bread on park avenue. I'm a real New Yorker my family has been here for 4 generations. I've painted and learned from some real masters. Everything I do now comes from my experience, travels and battles of being from the greatest city in the world. I'm from NY.

My pieces reflect the time and experiences I'm going through at the time. It's called layer cake due to my fascination of the art layered over and over each other in NYC.. The billboards, the subway advertisements, and the tunnels of over lapping fame seeking.




Angela China aka Gumshoe

Originally from Baltimore, MD, Angela China began painting as a child.  In 2010, she moved to New York City.  Inspired by the movement of street art, she decided to introduce her work by using the city walls as her gallery, as many of the artists were, and she quickly became recognized for her signature heels in gum.  "Gumshoe" murals began popping up all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.  These murals organically began serving as backdrops for photographs by tourists, locals and even celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Perez Hilton; and this popularity has pushed China's Fine art to become a sought after commodity as well.  Her work is now exhibited in galleries across the United States, popular hotels like Mondrian (New York) and Shore Club (Miami) and prestigious art fairs such as Art Basel Miami and Scope New York.  2016 has served China with two solo shows in Manhattan, most recently her solo exhibition "Exposed" at the Lower East Side Gallery, Castle Fitzjohns.


China uses painting as a form of self-inquiry and self-expression.  All of her paintings are, in essence, self-portraits.  On the surface, her work is often viewed as “fun” and “sexy.”  However, on closer examination, her use of iconic images and designer brands construct and then deconstruct an “ideal”- an ideal that she views as an unattainable standard of what society dictates she should be.  It is evident that the inspiration of her work derives from her own inner conflict.  Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor and humanity.



John Stango

With a world-wide following drawn to his distinctive American Muscle Car style, John carries the pop art movement into the 21st Century. His work is powerful; he builds upon the 1950’s pop art tradition, infusing it with a new vibrant, colorful, testosterone-fueled approach.

 Born and raised in Philadelphia, artistic talent has always pumped through John’s veins. Frances Elaine Rockwell, John’s mother, was an extremely talented painter who transferred her gifts onto her son. Her family’s artistic heritage, in fact, traces back to famed American artist Norman Rockwell—mother and son have carried on the family tradition.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphic Design from Temple University Tyler School of Art,  John drew the attention of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department stores who hired him as a visual merchandiser and display artist. Striking out on his own, John soon began to create original silk-screened t-shirts that his former employers chose to carry in their stores. As his reputation in the region continued to grow, John turned his attention and energy to painting full time.

 Currently working out of a large warehouse in Philadelphia, John draws artistic inspiration from retro advertising, pop icons, B-movies, mid-century modernism, magazines, noir films, vintage signage and all things pop-culture. Forming a unique combination of silk-screening and hand painting, John creates paintings that are at once nostalgic and modern. Intense brush strokes, explosions of color, aggressive textures, and juxtaposed images yield distinctive and recognizable canvasses. His subjects—sexy bombshell women, designer logos, sports heroes, Superheroes, stewardesses, Americana images—compete with and complement one another, yielding exceptional artistic compositions.

Derrick Hickman

Derrick Hickman has chosen the familiar images of childhood toys as a vehicle to survey memory, self-doubt, and societal comparisons.  Particularly through the scope of media, advertising, and merchandising.  After all, these are our introductions to being “sold”.  Where we first learn to weigh ourselves against others, whether it be our possessions, life style, or happiness.   His paintings are intended to draw the viewer in to the work through the representation of iconic playthings that cue nostalgia, whether real or perceived.   These images are placed next to snippets of personal narrative and the promises of advertising jargon.  

Derrick Hickman earned his BFA in Illustration and Advertising from the Columbus College of Art and Design.  Later earning a BFA in Art Education and Painting from Ohio University


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