Mr Brainwash
Life Is Beautiful (Blue)
Signed and Editioned .


Estimate: 2,000—3,000 USD @ Artnet

Available today is this wonderful limited edition screenprint by artist MBW "Alfred Hitchcock". Here is your chance to add this wonderful piece to your collection today!

MBW has spent the last nine years attempting to make the ultimate documentary about graffiti art. But whilst filming many of the worlds most renowned street artists at work, MBW began putting his camera aside and making art of his own. He has graduated from a few hand-drawn stickers to giant billboard sized paste-ups.

Mr Brainwash does not fit the stereotype of your average street vandal. His artistic process chiefly consists of throwing random modern cultural icons into a blender and turning it up to eleven. The results are by turns profound, provocative and inspirational.

Heavy Textured Archival Art Paper 
Large Size 24" x 36" 
Signed and Numbered by MBW 
Edition of only 200 
Hand finished

c. 2020 karyn mannix contemporary 516.318.0000