James Bacchi

James Bacchi is a San Francisco-based Gallerist, Curator and Iphoneographer. Bacchi was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Antioch University (Center for British Studies) in 1982. Since then, he has co-founded Galleries in New York and San Francisco, and has guest juried and curated several fine art and photography exhibitions on both coasts.

Bacchi began his inaugural Mobile Photo Series, #inthesky, San Francisco in 2015. #inthesky is an inspired series of mobile photographs. Shot spontaneously, these images portray the volatile relationship between the sky and the urban landscape. Void of color, these melodramas contrast fleeting moments of beauty, strength and vulnerability, all of which takes place #inthesky

A portfolio of 16 #inthesky San Francisco photographs, each limited to an edition of 7, was released in 2017. Muses for #inthesky now include;  New York, Palm Springs, Rome, Venice and Budapest. Select works from #inthesky have been exhibited in San Francisco and New York.  Sixteen images from #inthesky San Francisco will be spotlighted in “4-Squared” at Arc Gallery, San Francisco in September.

Bacchi has been featured by several publications including; New York Daily News, Manhattan Arts International, San Francisco Chronicle, California Home & Design, Culture Trip, and Art Slant.