Evan Zatti


 " Ever since I can remember, I saw my life through colors; shapes and perspective were secondary in my world.  

By the time I got to art school, color was my passion. My art theory professor was taught by Joseph Albers.  He felt I had an innate sense of color and encouraged me in my studies. In that regard, I proudly consider myself a second generationist of Joseph Albers. 

No matter what I am creating, I strive for the color, texture and the pure sensuality of the medium to come through.  I enjoy the process of sharing my world,visually.

Painting is eighty five percent thinking, ten percent process and five percent serendipity. 

For the viewer, art is highly subjective and I have little to say about a piece once it is finished.  

While I am going through the creative process, it's like answering questions; when I am finished there always new questions. I am on a quest of my own making and have the need to continue."




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