Carol Brown

“Nature being an inspiration, a source.


Environment, nature all around me, beautiful moments, happening all around us.  Capturing those moments as I see them and showing how they make me feel, how they made me stop and take notice.


I observe and dream, romanticizing people and places and dealing with them in my idealized state. Self- discovery has taught me to make my idealized world real.  And share what I see.


With my work I want to recreate that moment when the image became clear, that I would always remember it that way, that I captured the feeling.

And bring a connection to nature that makes you feel reminded, and contemplative.”


Originally from England, Award winning New York artist Carol Brown has had exhibitions in New York, Miami, Paris, Florence, Tokyo and Barcelona, Spain.  With a history of Independent Film woven throughout her work, she uses the medium to tell stories. Whether on film or captured on canvas or acrylic, the work captures a moment in time.  A single moment that contains and evokes such reverence for nature sparks a connection and feeling of oneness with the universe inside you.