Don Saco
Tom Kochie : Waiting
Pat Kochie: September
Martha McAleer : Mosaic House
Georgia Griffin:BabaYaga's Hut
Doug Reina :Lady Birds
Nick Tarr
Asia Lee
Sue Carlo: Morning Glories
Stephanie Brody-Lederman: Comes the
Eric Ernst: To Sleep Without Dreams
Daniel Pollera :Bird House on Stilts
Maxine Liao : Hampton Hideaway
Arlene Bujese : Maison de la Paix 1
Michael Lownie :Middle Earth
David Rufo: Dot House
Susan Lazarus-Reiman
Jackie Fuchs
Rosalind Brenner: Why did we put the
Rosalind Brenner
Margaret Delima: Move Over Piping Pl
Margaret Delima: Move Over Piping
Scott Bluedorn: Stilt House
Michael Weisman: ...And Your Bird Ca
Karyn Mannix: Go Ask Alice
Alice on all Sides
Breahna Arnold: Sterling Silver Neck
Sue Zola : Birdhouse with a Cherry o
Billy Strong: Cardinal Knowledge
Gia Schifano: Lobster Shack
Camille Perottet:Where are the Birds
Craig Socia: Perch
Gabriele T. Raacke: Frequent Fliers
Craig Banks: DownTime
Preston Phillips Wake Me When It's Over
Cynthia Loewen: Seabird Beach House
NiXiN: Somewhere OUT in the Woods
Lori Pavsner: Donald Learns a Lesson
Matt DeBernardo: Home Tweet Home
Linda and John CapelloRed Riding Hood Slept Here
Dane Welden :Solar Plated Birdhouse
Steven Zaluski: 631 Bird Blvd.
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  • Sat., September 23 4-7pm

  • Union Cantina

  • 40 Bowden Square Southampton

  • Tickets       631. 726.8715 for tickets.

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  • Arlene Bujese

  • Asia Lee

  • Billy Strong

  • Breahna Arnold

  • Brian Turnball

  • Camille Perrottet

  • Craig Banks

  • Craig Socia

  • Cynthia  Loewen

  • Dan Welden

  • Daniel Pollera

  • David Rufo

  • Doug Reina

  • Eric Ernst

  • Gabriele Raacke

  • Georgia Griffin

  • Gia Schifano

  • Jackie Fuchs

  • Jay Schneiderman

  • Jim Brandes

  • John Rist

  • Karyn Mannix

  • Kevin Willets

  • Kryn Olson 

  • Linda & John Capello

  • Lori Pavsner

  • Margaret DeLima

  • Martha McAleer

  • Matt DeBernardo 

  • Maxine Liao

  • Michael Lownie

  • Michael Weisman 

  • Nicholas Tarr

  • NiXiN Moore

  • Pat Kochie

  • Preston Phillips

  • Rosalind Brenner

  • Russell Blue

  • Scott Bluedorn

  • Sean Sullivan

  • Stephanie Brody-Lederman

  • Steve Zaluski

  • Sue Carlo

  • Sue Zola

  • Susan Lazarus Reiman

  • Tom Kochie

  • Will Ryan

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Margaret Delima: Move Over Piping