becca is an American contemporary street artist whose images of children's lost innocence first gained prominence on the LA streets in the mid-90's. Posted late at night and in broad daylight on abandoned buildings and under cavernous bridges, her paintings were left untouched by gang members and stolen by fans. Born in Brooklyn NY, becca earned her BFA at VCU and her MFA at San Francisco Art Institute where she developed her style using found wood as a base for her authentic brushstrokes. Moving to LA, she went on to make her name in the previously male dominated world of graffiti art. Her work has been shown at galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, New York and featured in Art Basel Miami. She is collected by Norman Reedus, Balthazar & Aileen Getty, Leo Dicaprio, Mike Tyson  and John Krazinski. becca's paintings have evolved to include towering images of women, elf-sized buddhas and wolves that appear to stare right through the viewer's eyes.  From the streets of downtown LA to the brick walls outside Beverly Hills boutiques to the Museum of Contemporary Art, becca's iconic work, at once satirical and filled with pathos, makes her a force to watch.


c. 2020 karyn mannix contemporary 516.318.0000

Boxing Gloves 11/30 Oil on Paper 14" x15.75"